Bicycling: A Modern-Day Trend

Let’s face it. Riding a bicycle makes a lot of sense in many cities. With the rise of urbanization, today’s cities need some modern-day mobility solutions, and riding around on two wheels seems to prove time and again that it can deliver the results.

The investment in a bicycle infrastructure may be an intelligent move. And plenty of research does show the social, economic, environmental, as well as the health benefits of cycling. In recent studies from Denmark show that for every kilometer we cycled, the society receives a profit of 23 cents, versus for each kilometer driven by car we endure a net loss of 16 cents.

While there are many cities that do get this, there are many that don’t. Many more cities are showing up somewhere in between and wavering on how much they want to invest, where they want to invest it, and how, precisely, to make themselves more open to cycling and  some of the very real benefits it delivers.

The 2015 Index

The Copenhagenize Design Company’s Index reports on the most bike-friendly cities in the world evolve. This year, we made considerations for cities with a population of over 600,000. Here are the top 3.


1. Copenhagen

2013 Ranking: 2
The Scoop: While finishing second for the last two Copenhagen Index rankings, Copenhagen manages to edge out Amsterdam for first-place spot. The Danish capital does remain consistent when it comes to its investment in cycling as means of transport as well as in making real efforts to push its efforts to the very “next level”.


2. Amsterdam

2013 Ranking: 1
The Scoop: Amsterdam, similar to most Dutch cities, does suffer from its general insistence on keeping up with a status quo rather than attempting to improve, thinking modern, and then take things to the next level.

Amsterdam simply must take action to really show the world how to continue developing, because if they don’t other cities will take over this innovative role. Rather than continual grumbling over bikes, view it as an opportunity and a differentiating selling point.


3. Utrecht

2013 Ranking: 3
The Scoop: This Dutch city currently remains in third place and it continues to be a world leader among the smaller urban areas. While the status quo seems to be firmly in place, and while they are at an amazing level, the city does seem content with its current accomplishments. Utrecht is taking a step in a positive direction for progress, yet it seems to fall short of the legendary and is comfortable with the idea of  being sensible.

This trend towards bicycling additional creates savings for households when it comes to the costs involved with owning and operating a vehicle that include, finding affordable car insurance, lease payments and fuel costs.


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