About Us

Shared Leadership is a new and challenging approach where parents and staff work in partnership to achieve better outcomes for families, programs and systems. Shared Leadership is successfully achieved when parents and staff build strong partnerships and share responsibility, expertise and leadership in any areas that affect families and communities.

The National Center on Shared Leadership was developed to help parents and staff learn how to effectively work together in Shared Leadership. The Center offers training, technical assistance, publications, research assistance and other supports to public and private agencies, communities, and programs through the research-based Shared Leadership in Action Program. Individual parents and staff report tremendous benefits from training and technical assistance provided to them by the National Center on Shared Leadership. Evaluation findings demonstrate that Shared Leadership results in increasing leadership skills, strengthening families, creating effective programs and developing meaningful systems change.

For me, the training and technical assistance I received through the National Center on Shared Leadership made all the difference in the world. Having seasoned experts who I could talk to and plan with was invaluable.

-Public Agency Staff member